The ABC's of Jewelry

Here are some basic definitions to help educate/reinforce your knowledge of the jewelry industry.  These will be updated periodically for your convenience.   Today we will focus on the letters: J K L & M  Check back often...

Jump Ring:  A wire ring of any size, usually round or oval in shape used for attaching jewelry parts. 

Karat: A unit of measure of the purity of gold.  Pure gold equals 24 karats. 

Lariat Necklace:  A long cord-like necklace without a clasp, usually looped         into a knot, thus allowing the ends to hang down in the front. 

Mounting:  A jewelry item that has stone settings, but in which no stones have been set.  It requires no further assembly work; the exception being an unset semi-mount mounting which requires a head to be attached.

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